Product: Prospect Follow-Up Planner


The step-by-step planner that helps you build a tribe of adoring plans and turn new leads into customers in as little as 7 days.

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Are you ready to turn your business into a revenue-generating machine and make your competitors wish they knew what you knew? One way to do this is by building an email list.

Building an email list is essential to growing and scaling your business. But how do you get people on your list? How do you keep them engaged? And how do you even get them to buy from you? These questions and more are answered and outlined in this informative step-by-step planner.

  • There IS A WAY to attract and build a healthy email list of raving subscribers (because a healthy list means your people are engaged and eager to hear what you have to say and offer)
  • There IS A WAY to coax them from the “prospect” side of the ledger to the “buyer” side without being annoying (because who needs icky sales tactics)
  • There IS A WAY to do it in as little as 7 days (because the faster you do, the higher your profit will be)

The best part? You can do all this without lifting a finger once you put your email marketing on autopilot.

The Prospect Follow-Up Planner is the blueprint you've been waiting for.

Get your planner and start strategizing your list-building/list-management blueprint so you can build a tribe of adoring fans and turn new leads into customers in as little as 7 days.



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