Does this sound like you?

You started your business with grand plans to create an online empire, yet the thought of selling scares the crap out of you.

Thus, every time you talk with a prospective client on a discovery call, your palms get sweaty and your heart races.

Furthermore, you feel pushy or uncomfortable when your talk turns to money.

You don’t want to force anyone into a decision.

You secretly think your rates are too high.

All of it feels “icky”.

Hence, your sales are low or pretty much zilch.

So how do you demolish your fear of selling and seal the deal instead? Here’s how.   


Practice Makes Perfect

A lot of entrepreneurs struggle with this same fear. Honestly, I hear it a lot. In the same way, I experience it at times too. But this is one of those things that gets better only with practice.

The good news? You don’t need to be on the phone or sit across the desk from a prospective client to get practice time in.

Instead, use the technique self-help gurus have been advocating for years: Look in the mirror and talk to yourself. Practice saying your rates out loud. Practice your segue from discovery to sales pitch. The more you do it, the more natural it will sound, and the less uncomfortable you will feel when on talking with a prospective client.

*** Pro-tip ***  Your sales pitch should be no more than 1 – 2 minutes max. In it, you need to address what you do, who you help, how you help, and the benefits. Furthermore, your wording should be without “jargony” language your targeted audience may not understand. 

That said, don’t forget that every time you send an email with an offer, write a blog post with an offer, or write an opt-in offer, you’re also making a sales pitch in its own way. So be sure to create compelling content for those and other areas of your biz.


Fix Your Mindset

What if you weren’t selling, but merely chatting with a friend about the incredible new product that will change her life? As a consequence, you’re helping your friend to improve herself by sharing your experience with this new product.

That’s precisely how you should think about selling your coaching programs or online courses. You’re not trying to get your prospective client to spend money. Instead, you’re offering a solution to her problems. You’re genuinely helping her to overcome some obstacles in her life or business.

When you turn your thinking around from “sales” to “helping” you’ll find it’s much easier to have the sales talk.


Don’t Be Afraid of the Follow Up

Most clients won’t say yes to you the first time around, and maybe not even with the second. But successful coaches and entrepreneurs know that they can close many sales if they take the time to follow up. The same can be true for you too.

Send a quick email and invite your prospect to: 

  • Schedule a follow-up call to answer her questions
  • Read some of your testimonials
  • Review your coaching program outline or sales page
  • Or even join a different program of yours that might be a better fit

*** Pro-Tip *** – Put your follow-up on autopilot by setting up an automated system. It will help you better support your potential and future clients. With an irresistible email series, you can potentially create a recurring stream of income without having to lift a finger.

To Sum It Up …

Don’t let your fear of selling or thought that you’re not good at sales to hinder you from making an impact and real difference in people’s lives, and in growing your business and profits. With these tips, you can overcome your fear, master your sales technique(s) and land new clients consistently. 


Tell me in the comments below how you smashed through your fear of selling. 

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