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Q. I want to hire you. How do you work?
A. You can check out how I work here.  


Q. What is a business coach?
A. My definition of a business coach is someone who helps entrepreneur hopefuls or established biz owners launch, grow and scale their biz through clear goals and actionable strategies, and keeps them accountable along the way. So, my role is one of support.  


Q. Does business coaching involve counseling or therapy?
A. No. Counseling and therapy serve a different purpose, is more intensive, and requires a license for those rendering that service. 

I am not a licensed mental health or professional healthcare provider. Therefore, I do not make diagnoses, provide treatment, or give any medical, clinical, or therapeutic advice. You are to seek the services and/or advice from a licensed psychologist or professional healthcare provider on these issues.

Q. Can you give me advice?
A. No. Coaching is not advice giving. The content on this website, in marketing materials, courses, coaching plans, resources and free guides, blog, social media posts, made verbally, etc., is shared for informational purposes only. It is not meant to serve as or be a substitute for professional advice whatsoever. Use at your own risk.


Q. Are results guaranteed?
A. No. It is your effort, energy, level of engagement, desire and dedication that largely determines your outcome. Thus, there are no guarantees that you will achieve results from the courses, services, recommendations, or strategies. And there are no guarantees that you will earn any money. 


Q. How much time is involved in your courses?
A. Time varies. Some courses have a few modules with only one lesson while others may be multi-lessoned. But, on average, it may take you about an hour or so each night to complete your assignment(s).


Q. How long does a typical private coaching plan last?
A. Private coaching plans with me are called Kickstarts, which can either be a 1 x 75-minute session or 2 x 50-minute sessions. The time commitment for each plan is outlined on the corresponding service page. Regardless, sessions are held by phone, Skype, or Zoom. All sessions are 100% confidential to the extent required by law. 

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