Confession: every time I hear about a fellow female entrepreneur’s success I yell out “yessssss, girrrllll, do your thing” and perform a little dance. They, and all those who will one day achieve their own definition of success, deserve to be applauded because the work they’ve done to get to where they’re at didn’t happen by grit and grind alone or by coincidence; but by having the right mindset too. And having the right mindset is the key difference between those who say they want to be successful and those who are.

Want to be like them? Here are four hacks to make the shifts you need.

1. Get clear.
Successful female entrepreneurs know all too well that “if you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll end up someplace else”. That is why they’re clear about their goal(s) and know which way they’re headed. So, if you’re biz is aimlessly lost, get clear on your direction. To help you do that, chart a plan of action for the next 3 months, including weekly and day goals. And then rinse and repeat as you need. Since I started this paragraph with a quote, it’s only fitting to end with one, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. So, put destination – success – in your GPS and start driving there using the route plan you’ve mapped out. (Quote 1- Yogi Berra. Quote 2 – Benjamin Franklin)

2. Erase, erase. Replace, replace.
The story of The Little Engine That Could is probably the best way to describe how successful female entrepreneurs think. Despite certain odds and challenges, they never give up or let fear get in the way. If they fail, they get back up and give it another go. If their plan needs to be tweaked, they tweak it. If a tactic needs to be chucked, they chuck it and move onto the next one. If they’re stuck, they seek the service of someone to help them get unstuck. Regardless of whether they think they are smart enough, have the best idea or not, or feel that someone else has already been there and done that, they keep their eyes on the prize and persevere. So, instead of feeding yourself doubt and negativity or using “I’m stuck” as an excuse, erase that self-sabotaging talk and replace inaction with action and keep on keeping on until you reach your destination.

3. Just Say No.
Successful female entrepreneurs nixed their habit of saying “yes” to any and everything that doesn’t serve value to their biz (and life). After all, they know that time is a valuable commodity. So, why would you want to waste precious time on things that don’t matter when you only have x number of hours each day to build the biz you want? Instead say “yes” to success, time, and freedom by saying “no” to things of no value.

4. Eat, sleep, and don’t forget to do you.
Women tend to neglect their self-care when they’ve got a biz to build and/or a family to raise or other pressing responsibilities (or all three!). But a successful female entrepreneur knows that without making their physical and mental health a priority, they won’t have the clarity and stamina needed to sustain a high level of focus and effort. And the same is true for you too. Thus, get your rest, eat right, and don’t forget to do you. What I mean by this is, don’t forget that while you’re pouring your heart and soul into creating the success you envision, you also refuel your heart and soul through proper self-care.


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